GraphQL Summit Worldwide

July 30-31, 2020
August 6-7, 2020
Join us for a free online event where you'll learn, laugh, and explore with GraphQL community members from around the world.

About GraphQL Summit

The world's premier GraphQL event is now free and online!
Don't miss the GraphQL conference of the year! You'll learn best practices from GraphQL experts in interactive talks and panels, as well as connect with other developers from around the world. We're spreading the fun over two weeks to minimize screen time burnout and give everyone a chance to participate.


Kamilah Taylor
Engineer at Gusto
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Mandi Wise
Owner at 8-Bit Press
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Tanmai Gopal
CEO, co-founder at Hasura
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Top companies sent their engineers to GraphQL Summit 2019:
American AirlinesExpediaLinkedInRakutenTargetAutodeskOpenTableSplunkAtlassianStravaShopifyMicrosoftWorkdayLogRocket


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