Topic Rooms

July 31, 2020
8:00 AM
The Future of GraphQL
Boštjan Cigan @bostjan_cigan
What will GraphQL look like in the future? Come chat about different ways GraphQL can be used and where you see potential
GraphQL at the Edge
Greg Brimble @GregBrimble
From serverless functions to cloud workers, GraphQL is pushing closer to the edge. Come chat about what GQL at the edge means to you
Jeff Hampton
Looking for advice on how to scale GraphQL across your company? Join Jeff to chat about strategies for moving to a federated architecture and more!
GraphQL for iOS Clients
Ellen Shapiro
Come talk about GraphQL clients for iOS!
GraphQL for the Jamstack
Stefan Nagey
Let's chat about GraphQL on the JAMstack!
GraphQL API best practices
Trevor Scheer
Designing APIs is difficult, come chat about best practices for making sure you build scalable and easy to work with APIs
Service to Service GraphQL
Uri Goldshtein @UriGoldshtein
What should be the role of GraphQL for communications between backend services?
Securing GraphQL APIs
Rob Van Gennip
Securing APIs is more than just authorization, let's discuss what securing an API means and ways to do it
GraphQL for Web Clients
Ben Newman
Come talk about GraphQL clients for the web!
Testing GraphQL APIs
Carolyn Stransky @carolstran
GraphQL being still a youngin' in the dev space is rather underserved in the testing space. Let's shed light on why it's important to test our GraphQL APIs and the products that consume them
GraphQL Java and Kotlin (JVM)
Gerard Klijs @gklijs
Come chat about GraphQL on the JVM and how they compare to JavaScript options
Caching and GraphQL
Tanmai Gopal @tanmaigo
Let's discuss the challenges, solutions and unique opportunities that are presented by GraphQL caching