Topic Rooms

August 7, 2020
8:00 AM
Ecommerce and GraphQL
Jamie Barton @notrab
Discuss commerce latest trends and best practices when working with GraphQL
Schema Design Best Practices
Michael Watson
Be prepared to talk about schema design and how it affects your APIs and clients
Serverless GraphQL
Aditya Raman @_adityaraman
We're seeing more and more support for serverless in the tech industry, what does this mean for GraphQL and how can developers take advantage of serverless technologies
GraphQL for Android Clients
Martin Bonnin
Come talk about GraphQL clients for Android!
GraphQL Type System
Carlos Rufo @swcarlosrj
Types are one of GraphQL's best features, let's discuss type safety, implicit vs explicit types, and more
Real-time GraphQL
Uri Goldshtein @UriGoldshtein
Where are we standing when it comes to GraphQL Subscriptions, live queries, defer and stream, what should we tackle next?
GraphQL Java and Kotlin (JVM)
Dariusz Kuc @darek_kuc
Come chat about GraphQL on the JVM and how they compare to JavaScript options
Livestreaming on Twitch
Trevor Blades @trevorblades
Livestreaming is a new way many developers and companies are building communities. Come chat about the benefits of livestreaming and how it differs from things like webinars, talks, and workshops.
Ashi Krishnan
Let's chat about all things federation and single data graphs
React State Management with GraphQL
Albert Dugba @Albert_Dugba
State management in React, need I say more?
Rust and GraphQL
Ashley Williams
The Rust community is ever growing, what does this mean for GraphQL?
GraphQL API Management
Morris Matsa @oasgraph
What happens when your API grows? Come chat about managing GraphQL APIs at scale
GraphQL Microservices
Diana Suvorova @dianasuvorova
Be prepared to talk about GraphQL in a microservices world and how it affects designing your schemas and APIs
Testing GraphQL
Makenna Smutz @KenzSmutz
GraphQL being still a youngin' in the dev space is rather underserved in the testing space. Let's shed light on why it's important to test our GraphQL APIs and the products that consume them