GraphQL Summit

Oct 25-26, 2017

The GraphQL Developer Conference @ Bespoke San Francisco, CA

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What to Expect

Join 750+ developers for one track of talks over two days from GraphQL experts from around the world. Hear from leaders of GraphQL's major open source projects and learn how developers are using GraphQL in production at top startups and enterprises.


Featured Speakers

Sashko Stubailo inage

Sashko Stubailo

OS Engineering Lead @ Apollo

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Lee Byron image

Lee Byron

Software Engineer @ Facebook

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Scott Taylor image

Scott Taylor

Senior Software Engineer @ NYT

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Tom Ashworth image

Tom Ashworth

Software Engineer @ Twitter

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Garen Torikian image

Garen Torikian

Platform Engineer @ GitHub

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Marc-Andre Giroux image

Marc-Andre Giroux

Developer @ GitHub

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Tony Ghita

Tony Ghita

Senior Software Engineer @ Twitch

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Leanne Shapton image

Leanne Shapton

Software Developer @ Shopify

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Danielle Man image

Danielle Man

Web Developer @ Apollo

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Eric Baer image

Eric Baer

Lead Software Eng @ Formidable Labs

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Tomer Elmalem image

Tomer Elmalem

Software Engineer @ Yelp

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Jason Lengstorf image

Jason Lengstorf

Senior Software Engineer @ IBM

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Brian Douglas image

Brian Douglas

Software Developer @ Netlify

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Johannes Schickling image

Johannes Schickling

Co-founder @ Graphcool

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Ryan Chenkie image

Ryan Chenkie

Product Owner @ Auth0

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Robert Zhu image

Robert Zhu

Software Engineer @ Facebook

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GraphQL Classroom Training

Looking to sharpen your GraphQL skills before attending Summit? All attendees also have the option to enroll in all-day classroom training (Fundamentals or Advanced level) on Tuesday, Oct 24.

GraphQL Fundamentals

Get up and running with GraphQL, learning the GraphQL language as well as how to implement it in an app to unify all of your data sources – including multiple databases and web APIs – in a single intuitive API.

  • Why use GraphQL?
  • GraphQL syntax
  • Introduction to Apollo Client
  • Sending queries on the client
  • Triggering mutations on the client
  • Introduction to Apollo Server
  • Writing type definitions
  • Mapping types to data with resolver functions

Advanced GraphQL

Get the latest techniques and tools that will take your GraphQL to the next level, improving performance, user experience, and manageability. This course is for developers already familiar with building apps with GraphQL and assumes knowledge of GraphQL syntax and basic app architecture.

  • Imperative client cache updates with update API
  • Optimistic UI in response to a mutation
  • Setting up server-side rendering
  • GraphQL subscriptions
  • Caching and batching GraphQL operations with Dataloader
  • Schema stitching
  • Monitoring a GraphQL API with Apollo Optics
  • Setting up Apollo tracing & other advanced production tools

Both classes are hands-on; you will implement a working Node/React app. You will need basic development skills and a working knowledge of JavaScript to get the most out of the class, but the GraphQL concepts we learn will apply to any environment.

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2016 Highlights

Over 350 attendees attended last year's event, including developers from top companies.

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Bespoke is located inside Westfield San Francisco Centre on Level 4 next to Bloomingdale’s

Westfield San Francisco Centre, 845 Market Street, Suite 450 San Francisco

Getting to Bespoke at Level 4, Westfield San Francisco Centre

From Mission Street (starting at 10am). The easiest way to get to Bespoke is by entering Bloomingdale’s on Mission Street and taking the elevator up to Level 4. Bespoke is located just outside of Bloomingdale’s.

From Market Street (starting at 8am). Enter through 835 Market Street (SF State entrance) and take elevators to Level 4.

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